Netaji Yuva Kendra runs a Toll-free Elder Helpline across Prakasam District in India offering assistance to elders in need. The services offered are – rescue of abandoned elders, counselling of those in distress, health care, legal support, information related to services available etc. The Helpline links elders to various institutions such as old age homes, hospitals, police, government and non-governmental organisations.

The nature of cases handled by the Helpline are as follows :

  •  Loneliness and how to cope with it
  •  Negotiation in disputes within the family and outside
  •  Elder abuse and ways to resolve them
  •  Writing of Will and making it a legally valid document
  •  Elders’ inability to move around in a city in search of treatment and doctors
  •  Total feeling of insecurity, doubt, fear and helplessness and not having anyone else to depend on
  •  Information on old age homes, medical devices, attendant / maid agencies, etc.

Distress calls from elders seeking assistance are handled by a qualified social worker. Everyday the Helplines receives 5-10 calls of elders who are being abused, harassed, neglected, or denied their rights or looking out for trusted information.

Volunteers trained in basic counselling are sent to the senior citizen’s residence on a fact-finding mission. Thereafter, appropriate assistance is provided to the aggrieved caller. At times specific assistance are required for an effective and speedy redressal of grievances. Dignity has a panel of experts in each of the 5 cities to address these issues. The experts include lawyers, psychologists, financial advisors and consumer forum experts. NAMM also involves Police in case where it is required to provide protection to the abused elder.


a) Our HelpLine has on its Honorary Advisory Panels specialists drawn from various fields. They will immediately access and assess the situation.

b) Collect Medical records

c) Facilitate access to a good doctor. Follow-up with doctors and family members

d) Organise and make available educative material for their nutritional needs.Take preventive measures against age related problems,and arrange for medical and other help whenever needed.


a) For older persons who have personal problems, give them a patient hearing

b) Be rational

c) Be aware of the psychological manifestations of ageing

d) Make them realise that old age is a state of enlightenment and not to complain about growing older; many are denied the privilege.

e) Encourage their participation in the affairs of family and community.
Organise self help groups.


a) Empowerment of older persons. Identification of their potential and channelising their capabilities, encourage them to participate and make themselves useful to the family and society

b) The future of Helpline is bright, studded with opportunities, but the way may be difficult.Let us all resolve to make things happen. Organise them to set up self-help groups amongst themselves.

1. You can just drive down to the following address:

Netaji Yuva Kendra

H.No: 12, 86(2), Village, Kammadoddi, Parchoor Village, Andhra Pradesh 523169, India
Phone: 9603590090 


2. Use Google to help you reach us!

But we are sure there are quite a few kind-hearted ones out there who are interested in helping us out but then maybe hard-pressed for time. But yes, there is hope! All you would need to do is to just open your mailbox and send us a mail right away or pick up the phone and call us! We are as eager to attend to you as we are to serving the elders in our ashram. Our email IDs and phone numbers are listed below for your kind reference

Click here to locate us

  • For queries related to admissions contact  Mr. Venkata Siva Prasad (9.00 am to 6.00 pm only)
  • For other Specific queries and Negotiations contact Mr. Venkata Siva Prasad
  • For any other queries please email to